Tired of fiddling with the handle or latch to close your pocket door?

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The Jexis Cavity Release (aka. Pocket Door EZ-Closer) patented technology allows you to quickly release the pocket door from its cavity with one push. Once you use the Pocket Door EZ-Closer you'll be wondering why someone didn't invent this years ago.

  • Standard Model (glass filled nylon casing and plunger) - $44.00 each plus shipping.



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Read more about the EZ-Closer features...

  • Fits most door styles
  • It is easy to install
  • Has a 5 year manufacturer's warranty
  • Featured on Hometime
  • Tested on doors weighing up to 170 lbs
  • Is flush fitting
  • Has been durability tested
  • And requires no maintenance
  • Testimonials...

  • "The EZ Closer is amazing. I bought one for my business, and after using it only for a few days bought 4 more so we could have one on all our pocket doors. They always work perfectly - and save the time and hassle of having to use a door edge pull instead. When we recently put a pocket door in our home - I of course ordered one for that as well. I can't imagine any pocket door without one."
  • M. A., Irvine, CA

  • "I recently added the EZ Closer to my pocket door. Installation is easy. Just don't drill through the side of the door. The door pops out two or three inches. That makes it easy to grasp the door and pull it closed. No more fooling with that pull in the handle."
  • "Thanks again for your great service."
  • B. G., Orange, CA

  • "Have installed on doors and very pleased."
  • L. B., Sydney, Australia

  • "We love that thing!"
  • C. O., Sherwood, Oregon

  • "Love the product. Every pocket door should have one!"
  • S. T. - architect, UK

  • "Fantastic product. Installed them in our double pocket doors. Makes closing the doors so easy."
  • P. B., Hamilton, New Zealand

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